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Premium Zentec™ Hybrid Capsulate Chemical-Free Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese Filter

Premium Chemical-Free Zentec™ Hybrid Capsulate Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese Filter that removes and eliminates up to 10ppm of iron staining, sulphur (often referred to as “that rotten egg smell”), and manganese from your water supply.

Premium Chemical-Free Zentec™ Capsulate Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese filtration for iron, sulphur (often referred to as that “rotten egg smell”), and manganese for well water applications.

No chemicals, safe for septic beds, inexpensive operation uses air injection with our Zentec™ Hybrid specialty removal media blend for clean filtered water.


  • Fully programmable electronic control valve
  • Quiet operation
  • Adjustable time cycles for best results
  • Chrome sweat jacket and black cap
  • Uses less than $3.00 per year to operate 12 volt
  • High flow control valve for premium backwashing
  • Includes air injection system
  • Iron, manganese and sulphur removed up to 10.0 ppm
  • Flows from 7 to 20 gallons per minute based on filter size
  • 20 year unlimited warranty

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